Release Day Tips

For Nike
  • Remain logged out of on all your devices.
  • Pay close attention to our Twitter feed during the release. Turning on Tweet notifications for our Tweets is recommended.
  • Do not sign in until you receive a text or read a Tweet telling you to sign in.
  • You may receive an add to cart text with a Nike account that is not yours. This is one of our accounts we are using for you as backup. Log in to that account and checkout.
  • Texts usually come within 4 minutes of release time. But if Nikes site begins to crash shoes could take hours to add.
  • If you log in and don’t see the shoes in your cart after getting the Add to Cart text wait about 45 seconds then sign in again.
  • Be patient sometimes shoes can take up to 5 hours to be added to your cart we don’t stop trying until Nike Tweets sold out.

Adidas & Footsites

  • No action is needed on your part just wait for the email receipt to come from the site you ordered from.
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