1. I received a refund notification email but the money is not in my account yet when should I receive it? Refunds take 3-5 business days to show back in your account.

2. Do you provide auto checkout for Foreign Countries? We are currently only providing auto checkout for customers with US shipping addresses. 

3. How does auto checkout work? You pay the fee you see listed on our website, provide your credit card and shipping info and get the item for retail. 

4. What do I need to do after I order? Click on the link in the order confirmation email and submit the info requested.

5. I submitted the info in the confirmation email, how do I know you received it? If you clicked submit trust we received it. 

6. I made an error while filling out the form, can I make a change? Yes, just fill out a new form we will use the most recent form when we run your order. 

7. I only ordered one slot but you checked out multiples why is that? This is why we always recommend using a credit card rather than a debit card when purchasing a release. If multiples are purchased by mistake we may charge a fee since there is a cost to us when successful auto checkouts are completed. We will not charge any extra fees for Kith clothing drops, they are always double ran to ensure success. 

8. I need to cancel my order I no longer want the shoes, how can I do that? This can only be done if your order has yet to be inputed in the system, if we have already captured your info and entered it into the bot we can not cancel your order. 

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